thalamic fasciculus

thalamic fasciculus

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  • thalamic fasciculus — fasciculus thalamicus [TA] a conjoined bundle of fibers beginning in field H of Forel, where the ansa lenticularis and lenticular fasciculus join and pass dorsal to the zona incerta to reach some of the ventral nuclei of the thalamus; it contains …   Medical dictionary

  • fasciculus lenticularis — [TA] lenticular fasciculus: a bundle of pallidofugal nerve fibers arising from the dorsal surface of the globus pallidus; they pass through the internal capsule, traverse field H2 of Forel, join and mingle with the fibers of the ansa lenticularis …   Medical dictionary

  • fasciculus — 1. SYN: fascicle. 2. SYN: cord. 3. SYN: bundle. [L. dim. of fascis, bundle] f. anterior musculi palatopharyngei [TA] SYN: anterior fascicle of palatopharyngeus (muscle). anterior f. proprius [TA] SYN: fasciculi proprii …   Medical dictionary

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  • Nucleus — 1) In cell biology, the structure that houses the chromosomes. 2) In neuroanatomy, a group of nerve cells. * * * 1. In cytology, typically a rounded or oval mass of protoplasm within the cytoplasm of a plant or animal cell; it is surrounded by a… …   Medical dictionary

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